The ‘Hungary Cake’ on the ‘Avenue of Hungarian Flavours’

This is the fifth year in which the National Guild of Hungarian Confectioners has prepared a masterpiece of the confectioner’s art for the celebration of the State’s foundation. The Hungary Cake will be presented for the first time on the Avenue of Hungarian Flavours, and then cakes prepared according to the original recipe will appear in confectionaries.

The title of the Hungary Cake is awarded in competition every year. Entrants range from master confectioners to ambitious housewives – the most important factor is that recipes should be innovative and full of creative ideas typifying the Hungarian world of flavour, and in some way connected to the National Day of 20 August. The competition will be judged by a distinguished jury of master confectioners, who will choose three cakes from the first round to go into the final, and in the second round a new jury will decide on the ultimate winner for the year.

This year the cakes that have reached the final include the White Butter Pear Cake from Tatabánya, with its perfect combination of pear-mascarpone, cheese-chocolate. The incomparable fruit from the famous city of Kecskemét dominates in the other two concoctions in the competition: the Kecskemét Peach Cake and the Millet Cake with Kecskemét Peach Filling.

The official announcement of the Hungary cake will take place at the beginning of August. Confectioners will simultaneously start making the winning cake according to an identical recipe in the country’s hundreds of confectioner’s, and the cake can be bought from 20 August onwards. The recipe for the 2011 Hungary Cake can be accessed here after announcement of the competition result.

The winning cakes from past years:

- 2007: Madártej (Floating Islands) Cake
- 2008: Szatmári Plum Cake
- 2009: Pándi Sour Cherry Cake
- 2010: Plum Dumpling Cake