The Avenue of Hungarian Flavours

Promenade of the Flavours of Hungary

In the Promenade of the Flavours of Hungary this year we would like to present, offer for tasting and appreciation several good-tasting, healthy products, fruits and vegetables of our country and provide a sample of the menu of our top-tier restaurants, the dishes of our regions and ethnic groups.

The little helping we provide below is designed to encourage you to visit the two-day fair, only highlighting a few items of the great diversity. When you make a purchase, please remember that every purchased product means a contribution to the Medical Group of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service. The Maltese Charity Service will also be present in the promenade on 20 August, with a blood drive bus. At the corner of Csalogány street and Fő street, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. we will welcome everybody who would like to help their fellow humans.