Promenade of the Flavours of Hungary

In the Promenade of the Flavours of Hungary this year we would like to present, offer for tasting and appreciation several good-tasting, healthy products, fruits and vegetables of our country and provide a sample of the menu of our top-tier restaurants, the dishes of our regions and ethnic groups.

The little helping we provide below is designed to encourage you to visit the two-day fair, only highlighting a few items of the great diversity. When you make a purchase, please remember that every purchased product means a contribution to the Medical Group of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service. The Maltese Charity Service will also be present in the promenade on 20 August, with a blood drive bus. At the corner of Csalogány street and Fő street, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. we will welcome everybody who would like to help their fellow humans.

From Kacsa Street to Batthyány Square

In this section of the promenade we can become familiar with dishes of regions of the Carpathian Basin. Today one does not often realize that our uniform cuisine shows a different facet in each region. The cuisines and flavours of our ethnic groups contributes a whole world of exciting variations to this diversity.

Walking on, we find a real delicacy: the cake of the country this year, the winner of the confectionery contest, made of millet and peach of Kecskemét. It is a real delicacy, still, it reminds us of the best confectionery traditions, the Hungary of the turn of the century, the golden era of this trade in our country. Choice of the confectioners themselves!

The “Cake of the Country” is made with ancient Hungarian millet,
cooked with milk, butter and sugar, seasoned with vanilla and lemon zest,
this is the basis for the pastry and the filling!
Add flaxseed flakes, ground almond, cottage cheese and eggs to the pastry base,
mix the ingredients well and bake in an oven at 180 degrees.

Mix the cooled millet and milk with the whipped cream,
season with chunks of peach of Kecskemét.
Place into the form, place the baked millet sponge cake on top.
When cooled down, decorate with real jam of and peach of Kecskemét.

You can also have some strudels baked on the spot, from a wood burning oven. Then you refresh yourself with some good Hungarian Seltzer, straight or as a wine spritzer, with lots of wine and just a hint of Seltzer, or the other way round! If you like, you can feel some nostalgia about the renewed Seltzer truck, and can even get some photos taken ...

Our wine exhibition shows the wine fields, the wineries and the wine regions. You can find light and full wines, presenting aromas, flavours, colours and regions. Csalló Brandy is presented together with them. You are advised to spend a few moments here and get prepared for the rest of the stops of our journey!

Lots of things are coming up, to please your eyes and palate!
A beautiful fruit dessert with wild mushrooms, dried fruits, grilled sausage, eggs and chicken, pretzels of Rábaköz farmer of Győr style, pork stew made over open fire, according to the recipe of a farmer’s circle in Veszprém. 

Walking down, you can meet bakers offering their tasty and wonderful products. Check out what is available here: you can get homemade, organic and spelt bread, made of sprouted wheat, with potato, baked on cabbage leaf, Transdanubian style, a bunch of barley loaves, with onion, potato and loaves of Lipót. Next to and around them there is a spectacular, colourful show of biscuits, bakery goods, pastries, salty sticks and pastry coins, all with a wonderful smell.

The next stop is one of our great favourites, trout, which tastes great, and is also very healthy. On our walk we also introduce ourselves to the deservedly famous fisherman's soup of Baja. Then comes the Hungarian grey cattle, which could be a symbol of Hungarian agriculture, since its meat is tasty and healthy, and the animal is resistant to diseases. Here you can also taste the special bull sausage of Csatárpuszta.

In the next tent we find an assortment of cheese: in several forms and different flavors, smoked or natural, made of cow's milk, sheep's milk, with a side dish of cottage cheese and all the dairy products you can think of.
Dairy products are part of our everyday life, just take your time and taste everything you can, they are guaranteed to be natural!

From Batthyány Square to Halász Street

Here we prove it to you that dishes considered to be simple and common can also be special. The letcho is being cooked over open fire and not just any letcho, the variety with squash, and palóc letcho with oyster mushroom. Feel free to compare and score! Let us continue our walk with some Hungarian fruit salad, the ingredients of which were grown by our recognized young farmers, who also made the salad. Children will enjoy the homemade syrup, just like the syrups we used to drink in our childhood. You are welcome to take some with you!

Going on, we see “Zsanna-Manna,” a heavenly delicacy: it is beautiful, yummy, sweet, and most of all, only made of natural ingredients. When your body is sated and you feel like smiling, be sure not to miss the bookseller. Then of course, you should continue walking. In this case, curiosity is a good guide!

From Halász Square to Chain Bridge

If you continue your walk, along a line of bakers, you will see the products of our organic farms. It is a good idea to look around, collect some addresses and make some purchases, since all of us want to protect our health. More and more of us are becoming conscious buyers, but there are still lots of products and farms that do not get a chance to attract our attention. But here you can find them!

Did you realize that black pudding and sausage can also be organic? They can be made of grazing grey cattle, bred in a healthy way! You can also see these on the promenade. And we have not even mentioned honey, whose golden colour is reminiscent of sunshine, with well-known beneficial effects on our health. You may also want to stop by the gingerbread stand, since no fair can be complete without it. Their heart-warming classical forms have become part of our history: why should they not be part of present, too? One novelty, sweets with honey mousse, also claims its place among the others. Who knows, perhaps, our children will pass that on...

When you leave the gingerbread stand, it is a deep sigh and lots of fresh air you need next, since what is coming up is something you really have not seen before.

From Clark Ádám Square to Castle Garden Quay

Here we arrive at the island of top-tier restaurants, always mindful of appearance and quality, adding a hint of art to dining culture, they will offer their own tables and special delicacies on the quay.  Now is the time to look around, learn some special visual elements and combinations of flavours, and of course, eat, eat, eat. Together with the restaurants here we can see how students of Pesti Barnabás Vocational Secondary School bake bread for children, and here is also the representative tent of the Princely Order of Hungarian Bakers.

But this is still not the full list of the interesting things you can visit on 20 August. The Hussar’s Kitchen will have an exhibition and re-enact some old traditions. This is a spectacular and refreshing point of our walk. They compress experiences of almost 25 years into one big kettle. If you like it and are interested, you can also buy the book titled Hussar’s Kitchen. The author will be available for book signing in the premises.

In the general discourse the name of the city of Makó and onion belong together. Here and now they will cook chicken with pasta tarhonya and sheep stew for you, and naturally, you can see their crops, too.

Perhaps, we have managed to give you a taste of the offering. Please, come with us, because there will be a lot more surprises to discover, let us guide you all the way to the end of the promenade, the line of our exhibition stands, and wish you a very pleasant stay! For the journey we recommend an empty stomach and an open attitude to special flavours…