Historic carnival on the Danube / air and water parade

Venue: Budapest, between Margit Bridge and Petőfi Bridge
Date and time: 20 August 2011, 14:00 to 15:30

The ceremonial parade will start by the flight of the transport helicopters and Gripen group of the Hungarian Army over the Danube, to be accompanied by the appearance of motorboats on the water flying the national flag of Hungary aboard. After this show of a few minutes the historical ships will leave Margit Bridge towards Chain Bridge, showing a clear sight for spectators on the banks. The spectacular props attached to the ships cover five historic eras. The era of Saint Stephen, Renaissance, the Reform Era, the Art Nouveau of the turn of the century and our time. The props affixed to the Moscow type ships had to comply with strict requirements. The total weight of the ships could not exceed 5 000 kg, and the applicants had to ensure a clear line of sight for the pilot of the ship and room for movement for the crew.

The ships will be making a lap of honour around the building of Parliament, while on the balcony of Hunter’s Room the Guard of Honour of the Republic Guard Regiment will be giving a salute to the ships - symbolically, to Hungarian history - by flying the historical flags and the national flag of Hungary. After the honour ceremony the ships will form a line and carry on their journey in the direction of the Chain Bridge. During this a convoy of 8 ships will float up on the Danube from the direction of Petőfi Bridge, with almost seven hundred youths in state foster care, who will enjoy a close view of the event. At the Chain Bridge the convoy will fall in line behind the historical ships and continue their journey towards Petőfi Bridge.

After the ships have left, at 4.20 p.m. a motorboat show and race will start. After the placement of the buoys, a spectacular show and race will start, with international competitors. During the show the announcer will keep the spectators informed on what is happening on the water.

The program will continue in the air at 4.40 p.m.  The air show will start with the MD-500 helicopter group of the Riot Police, then we can witness a historical moment: a Polikarpov PO-2, a one-engine biplane designed in 1924 and manufactured in 1954 will tow the legendary “Cimbora” type glider.

They will be followed by a hang glider group of 5 of the Hungarian Motor Gliding Federation, then spectators on the bank will get a chance to watch a group of 3 of Hajdu Trió Apollo Fox. For one flyover the first aircraft used in public civil aviation, Li-2 will be introduced, then in the group of MALÉV Flight Club we can watch a Z-142, a Cessna-172 and a Maule. The spectacular rally will be made even more exciting by an aerobatics show, Tamás Illés advanced European and world championship silver medalist pilot will perform a spectacular show with his Edge 540 aircraft, after which we can see a group of the very popular Cessna aircraft, as the individual of Centroplane kft. This group will be followed by a group composed of one of the state-of-the-art airplanes of our time, a group of twin engine, four seat DA-42 of Pannon Air Service utility airplanes. Together with Trener Kft., the college of Nyíregyháza has trained lots of pilots for the Hungarian flight community, their introduction this time will be a group of 5 of Z-142 aircraft, a sight that matches the traditions of the college and the company.

Group of MD-500 helicopters of the Riot Police
Group of 5 Apollo gliders
Hajdu Trio Group (Apollo Fox)
Group of Malév airplanes
Group of Centroplane 3
DA-42 group (Pannon Air)
Group of Z-142 of Nyíregyháza