Venue: Budapest, between Erzsébet Bridge and Margit Bridge
Time: 10.00 a.m. – 11.15 a.m. 20 August 2012

The ceremonial parade will begin at 10.00 a.m. with the flight across the Danube of the Gripen formation, AN-26 cargo aircraft and Mi-8 cargo helicopters of the Hungarian Defence Forces.

The aerial display will continue with the MD–500 helicopter formation of the Special Forces Unit of the Police, which will be followed by a display formation of historical flags. Hungary’s historical flags will be presented to the members of the much-esteemed public by the aircraft of KomoSky Team Apollo Fox, the towing aircraft of MRSZ, the formation of the Malév Flying Club and Ferenc Tóth’s specially-built hang glider.

They will be followed by the five-craft Vereb hang glider formation, after which spectators may view the stunt flying display of Tamás Illés, advanced European and world championship silver medallist pilot.

After these spectacular stunts, visitors are invited to join us for some time travel. From amongst the veteran aircraft on display here, there are only a few in the world that are still capable of flight. On 20 August, spectators may admire the PO-2, Cimbora and a Lisunov Li–2.

Following this, training aircraft will take the lead; the Cessna formation of the Budaörs Flying School, Centro-Plane Kft. will fly over the Danube. They will be followed by the formation of five Zlin 142s of Nnyíregyházi Tréner Kft. Many a trainee pilot at the Nyíregyháza College learnt to fly on these planes.

After this, the „stage” will be taken once again by the „Formula-1 of the sky”; Zoltán Veres, five-time Guinness record-holder, advanced European aerobatics champion pilot will attempt to dazzle the crowd in a Russian-made Su–29 aircraft. After the breathtaking stunts, parachutists will take the „stand” who will jump out of a legendary Li–2.

In closure of the programme, spectators on the Danube Banks may view the Z37 formation display of Air Patrol Kft. and a spectacular water parade.